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Granite Le Pelley are very proud to have showrooms at both their locations in Guernsey and Jersey. The in-house technical showrooms, based at Garenne House in Guernsey and and the new premises at First Tower in Jersey, which has a large office, 200m2 stone exhibition, warehouse and car park, offers clients the opportunity to feel and touch the stones they are looking at for projects.

We have developed particular expertise in sourcing new and existing stones with traditional finishes and in developing finishes to achieve the client’s bespoke requirements. We are continually seeking new suppliers and products to satisfy our client’s needs.

We also have a team of specialists that can help with cleaning, repairing and maintaining natural stone.

Key Contacts.

Richard Breban

Richard Breban

Managing Director

Richard Breban, began working for Granite Le Pelley in 1983, ten months after the company had been set up by its founder Mick Le Pelley, he trained as a stonemason after previously working in a local Quarry. Seven years later he moved to work for a general builder and developer. After six years he returned to Granite Le Pelley progressing to his Directorship in 2000 and Managing Director in 2014, he has worked in the stone industry for 27 years and in this time has built up a strong relationship with Bretagne Granits in France.

Richards’s interests are Rugby having played for St Jacques rugby club for over 20 years, and during this time for the Island on several occasions.

Coming from a farming background he has been involved with the Southern Agricultural & Horticultural Society for 30 years and was President for 11 years. Most recently he has become a Forest Douzainere. Richard continues to have a passionate interest in tractors, of which he has many!!!

Lyndon Fox

Lyndon Fox

Design and Purchasing Manager

Lyndon has been working with Granite Le Pelley since May 2001. He has worked in the Guernsey drawing office since joining, but looks after various sections within the company, from design drawing, specifying, quoting, ordering, site managing and at times actually installing, and on some projects he will actually do it all, as they say a change is as good as a rest, well that’s what we tell him, he also still continues to work as a Monumental Mason in his spare time, having started his apprenticeship at the age of 13 whilst learning model engineering.

Sam Ellis

Sam Ellis

Contracts Supervisor

Sam has been working with Granite Le Pelley since 2014. After completing his apprenticeship at Guernsey’s College of Further Education he has been employed and self-employed, Sam is a working Supervisor, and at times can be working several sites. His passion in the stone industry is restoring old Guernsey properties including his own old Guernsey house, he still finds the quality of the old masons work amazing, from the random work to ornate carvings. He competes in motor cycle trails in his spare time and has played rugby for Guernsey; he was also a member of the Guernsey rowing club.

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