Staff Health and Wellbeing initiative

Staff Health and Wellbeing initiative

Granite Le Pelley has been putting Health and Safety and the care and wellbeing of their staff at the forefront of their business actions.

They have completed a number of training initiatives including Manual Handling; Face Fit Testing and Training and Fire Extinguisher Handling. In addition, all operatives were issued  new uniforms along with a a seminar on mental health awareness.

Both the Face Fit Testing and Training and the Manual Handling training were conducted in-house by Construction Manager Patrick Richer who qualified as a trainer in 2018.

All operatives were issued with properly fitted RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) which protects the wearer from a variety of airborne hazards in the form of gas, fumes, mist, dust or vapour.

The Fire Extinguisher handling had 10 staff attending from the office and sites with the highlight being to actually put out a fire with the different extinguishers to see how each of them worked.

Alongside this training, representatives from local charity Mind held a Mental Health Awareness seminar and weekly yoga sessions are also held for staff.