Granite Le Pelley stock FILA products as every material needs a specific treatment after installation, which, phase-after-phase, protects and enhances the beauty of surfaces. We use these products as they offer a range of products from pre-treatment to maintenance that will maintain the original look and shine of your surfaces.

We are able to offer comprehensive advice, gathered through rigorous testing by Fila to ensure that you get the product that is the most suitable to ensure that your natural stone and tiles look their best.

PRICE LIST - 2022 Pricelist.pdf

  • Cleaner Pro

    Colour: Cleans all types of floors and surfaces

    Origin: A neutral concentrated detergent

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  • Deterdek Pro

    Colour: Detergent for end of installation washing

    Origin: A powerful residue remover

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  • Hydrorep Eco

    Colour: Water repellant protection

    Origin: Professional breathable treatment with natural effect

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  • Marble Restorer Kit

    Colour: Suitable for polished marble

    Origin: Marble Restoration

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  • MP90 Eco Xtreme

    Colour: Stain protection for tiles, stone, marble and granite

    Origin: Extreme water and oil repellant

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  • No Rust

    Colour: Suitable for marble, granite, natural stone, tiles, terracotta and concrete

    Origin: Removes surface rust stains

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  • No Spot

    Colour: Suitable for marble, granite, terracotta and quarry tiles

    Origin: Removes grease/oil stains

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  • PS87

    Colour: Suitable for porcelain tiles, ceramics, natural stone, terracotta and concrete

    Origin: Professional degreasing cleaning agent

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  • PW10

    Colour: Suitable for natural stone, granite, marble, terracotta and absorbent materials

    Origin: Efflorescence blocking sealant

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  • SR95

    Colour: Suitable for porcelain tiles, stone, ceramic tiles and concrete

    Origin: Stain remover

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  • Stop Dirt

    Colour: Improves tiles resistance to dirt

    Origin: Dirt Repellant

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  • W68

    Colour: Seals and protects porous materials - unpolished stone, terracotta, quarry tiles and concrete

    Origin: Stain protector

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