The term slate is often used to describe any rock that can be easily split into thin sheets, principally for roofing purposes. True slate is defined by the presence of a ‘slaty’ cleavage; this allows the slate to be split at almost any point through the stone parallel to the cleavage plane.

The major UK sources of slate, with their distinctive colours, are the Lake District blue/grey, light green, olive green and silver grey, North Wales blue, grey, blue-black and red, and Cornwall - grey.

Slate is easily split (“riven”) into thin sections, giving a natural finish. Other finishes include sawn, sanded, fine rubbed, flame textured, bush hammered and water jet.

It is popular for a wide variety of uses such as roofing, flooring, and flagging because of its durability and attractive appearance.

  • Kirby Burlington

    Colour: Dark Grey

    Origin: United Kingdom

  • Brandy Crag Burlington

    Colour: Light Grey

    Origin: United Kingdom

  • Broughton Burlington

    Colour: Green

    Origin: United Kingdom

  • Black riven slate

    Colour: Black

    Origin: Brazil

  • Grey Riven Slate

    Colour: Grey

    Origin: Brazil

  • Multi Colour Slate

    Colour: Grey / Brown / Rust

    Origin: China

  • Green Slate

    Colour: Green grey

    Origin: Brazil

  • Brathay Blue Black

    Colour: Black

    Origin: UK

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